For coronavirus victims

H. SANTOS COMMITMENT Because this situation is about people’s health, and we are people working with people.

It is precisely for this reason, because everything is due to health issues, and because it is about people interacting, that at Hoteles Santos we are aware of the great concern generated by Covid-19’s health crisis, and we want to convey the greatest transparency and commitment to our guests’ safety.

We are closely following the situation caused by Covid-19 and the instructions from health authorities, giving the best of our teams to remain focused on the most important thing: the well-being and safety of our guests.

To date, we continue to take the highest level of precautions to keep our hotels prepared for the new reality caused by the Covid-19 and to be ready for the time you can travel again, at the same time we have put both our material and our hotels completely at the service of the authorities to help get out of this health crisis as soon as possible.

At Hoteles Santos we are still working on measures for you to stay with us again, with every precaution.

Of course, we are still offering flexibility in all cancellation conditions and new reservations derived from Covid-19. Thus, it has been possible to cancel the reservations affected by the crisis without any cost during the state of alarm in which our hotel remained closed,.

Because at Santos Hotels we are finally people, looking after people.

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